Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Make-up or cosmetic skin tattooing, involves implanting colour pigments under the skin, creating a striking appearance that lasts for many years.  The treatments can applied to the eyes & eye brows and is fast becoming one of the most popular beauty treatment.

The semi-permanent makeup treatment is ideal for anyone who has over plucked their eyebrows, or suffered hair thinning for various reasons.  If you suffer from hair volume reduction or lost definition then you can really benefit from this service.

Your eyes can be enhanced subtly or dramatically and give you a youthful look that will not run or smudge.

Semi Permanent Make-up

Semi Permanent Make-up Price List

Hair Stroke Brows - Includes top up one month later £300
Microblading Treatment - Includes top up one month later £285
Lash Enhancement £200
Eyeliner Top or Bottom £245
Eyeliner Top and Bottom £275